How to Get to Tampere

How to Get to Tampere

This page lists all the ways to get to Tampere using different airline alliances and trains. Airport codes have been written in italics.

Star Alliance has three direct flights per day from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) to the Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport (TMP). Many Star Alliance airlines also have code shares for travelling via Helsinki.

AirBaltic has connecting flights to TMP via their hub in Riga (RIX) once per day. AirBaltic is not part of any alliance, but they have some code shares with Alitalia, Austrian Airlines and KLM among others. This may be an optimal route if travelling from Eastern Europe.

Bus 1A takes you between TMP and Tampere city centre in about 35 minutes for 5 Euros. Or you can just take a taxi to your hotel for about 25 Euros.

Travelling via Helsinki

Flying via Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (HEL) to TMP is also possible. There are four flights a day and these One World flights are code shared with practically all airlines in all alliances. Do not be tempted to take a taxi from HEL to Tampere, because it will cost several hundred Euros.

However, in some cases it might be more convenient to just take the train for that leg of the journey. The train ride should take about two hours and cost under 30 Euros. The trains run every day roughly once per hour between 06:00 and 21:00.

The local transport P train on the new ring rail takes you from HEL to the Tikkurila Railway Station every 10-20 minutes where you need to transfer to an InterCity or Pendolino train to Tampere. You can buy the ticket for the whole trip from a vending machine at the airport railway stop.

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