the ex-Workshop

the ex-Workshop

TREX Regional Exchanges Oy has been hosting the TREX Workshops every year since 2009. Recently other Nordic Internet exchange points have started to take part in the seminar, so in 2019 we've decided to rename the event as the network operators' group meeting of Finland.

Live Stream

Time and Place

This year's seminar will be held on Friday the 17th of May 2019 at Villa Härmälänranta in Tampere, Finland. The seminar will start at 12:00 and end at around 18:00 with a dinner and a networking event with a traditional Finnish sauna that will be warm until the wee hours of the morning.

We've collected some information about flights and accommodation for the benefit of international attendees. The parking permit also contains some information about this year's venue and how to get there by bus.

Dress Code for Seminar: City Smart
Dress Code for Dinner: Smart Casual
Dress Code for Sauna: Optional

Sponsors and Hosts 2019

The event is hosted by the following IXPs:

TREX Regional Exchanges Oy
TREX operates an IXP in Tampere.
FICIX is the biggest IXP in Finland with 37 members.

The evening is sponsored by:

Flexoptix GmbH
Flexoptix provides optical components.
Arista Networks
Arista builds cloud networks.
Adva Optical
Adva makes WDM gear.
RIPE NCC supports NOGs across the region.

Network connectivity for the event is provided by:

Elisa Oyj
Elisa provides connectivity at the seminar.


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