the ex-Workshop

the ex-Workshop

Each year we host a seminar on topical Internet service provider issues called The last section of the seminar contains lightning talks where participants can e.g. introduce themselves and their peering policies or spark up interesting topics of discussion for the evening. The seminar is followed by an evening of networking with top notch experts from various providers and vendors.

The event is free and open to anyone, even if the intended audience is Internet access and hosting providers. This has enabled us to attract experts from all over Europe and beyond. The atmosphere is casual and warm, as is the evening sauna in that finest Finnish tradition of networking events.

Past Events

The first event was held on May 17th 2019.

Before that, TREX Regional Exchanges Oy has been hosting the TREX Workshops every year since 2009. Recently other Nordic Internet exchange points have started to take part in the seminar, so in 2019 we decided to rename that event as the network operators' group meeting of Finland.

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