June 6, 2024
Sokos Hotel Ilves
Europe/Helsinki timezone

Code of Conduct

There are several different types of internetworking community events held under the nog.fi umbrella. All of them strive to provide an enjoyable and inclusive experience to their attendees. Behaviour that violates this Code of Conduct is not tolerated in any space related to nog.fi.

Some parts of nog.fi events have slight differences in their stance toward nudity and alcohol consumption. That is why the dress code and alcohol sections are included in this document.

Common Rules

  • Do not engage in illegal activity.
  • Be respectful of the age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, physical appearance and religious choices of others.
  • Do not behave or talk in a demeaning, disruptive, threatening or harassive manner.

Reporting and Actions

There are trusted contacts, who will arbitrate each case in confidence. They are named near the start of each event.

Violating this Code of Conduct can result in the following actions:

  1. If the violation can be settled satisfactorily by apologizing, then no further action is necessary.
  2. If it cannot be settled on the spot, then the violator is removed from the event.
  3. If the violation also violates the law, then the appropriate law enforcement officers may also be contacted.

Dress Code

We don't really believe in a binding dress code, but we acknowledge that having some guidelines on how attendees should dress may avoid embarrassment arising from somebody showing up too fancy or too shabby. This is where different nog.fi occasions also differ:

The dress code for seminars and nog.fi meetings is smart casual or city smart.

The dress code for dinners and cocktail parties is smart casual or business casual.

The dress code for nog.fi workshops is casual.

And finally, the dress code for nog.fi evening socials is completely optional. The nog.fi evening socials usually feature a Finnish sauna. Some attendees will be going in and out of the sauna all the time, and cannot be expected to dress after every visit. It is considered good form to wrap up in a towel or bathrobe while not in the sauna.

Finns are usually totally naked in the sauna, but wearing a towel or some underwear is generally allowed as well. However, many sauna venues ban the wearing of swimming trunks in the sauna, because the trunks will soak up chlorinated water from swimming pools, and the chlorine will then stain the sauna benches yellow.

It should be noted that neither undressing nor going into the sauna are mandatory parts of the evening socials. You can come as you are, and nobody can force you to do any of the above.


Drinking alcohol at or showing up inebriated to seminars, nog.fi meetings or nog.fi workshops is not OK.

However, alcohol consumption is permitted during dinners, cocktail parties and evening socials within reason. But it will not excuse ill behaviour such as that listed in the common rules.

Please do not take glass beer steins or bottles into the sauna. If they break, they will be very dangerous in an environment where everybody walks barefooted. Metal and plastic containers are safer.

Do not leave any containers in the sauna. Empty metal beer cans will get hot enough in the sauna to give burns to anyone touching them.

If you find a specialty beer in the refrigerator and you're not sure if you are going to like it, go and find someone to share it with before opening it.